Choosing the right lawyer is often difficult and for many an impossible task because of the lack of information to help you make your choice. Using the dart in the Yellow Pages method or spending hours and even days visiting different lawyers and sometimes paying fees for consultations usually doesn't work very well either.

A review of this website will help you decide that I am the man to see if you want to rest assured that you have top counsel and first class representation in the following types of matters:

* A Criminal Charge or an Appeal from a Conviction and all related proceedings including Extradtion.

* A professional or business related regulatory matter before such bodies as a Discipline Committee, Fitness to Practice Committee, Review Committee, Licence & Registration Committee or a Quality Assurance Committee.

I am a graduate of the University of Toronto Law School, a seasoned, knowledgeable and highly successful lawyer, who has over 30 years of battle tested experience.

I have successfully dealt with cases involving all degrees of seriousness and complexity, and appeared before all levels and branches of Tribunals and Courts up to and including the Supreme Court of Canada.

I have also appeared as counsel to parties involved in commissions of inquiry and inquests and I am currently retained as counsel by various businesses, regulated professionals and clinics, who value my ongoing compliance advice and guidance on a day to day basis.

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