Criminal Proceedings

As a highly respected Toronto criminal lawyer and a courtroom veteran with thirty-five years experience in criminal matters I consistently obtain the best possible results for my clients either through early negotiation or by way of all out combat at trial or in the conduct of appeals.

My criminal defence work includes cases of all descriptions and levels of seriousness from shoplifting, assault or driving offences to first degree murder and extradition. Whether it is one of the less serious offences or a more serious offence I understand that for you as a client your case is probably one of the most traumatic events that has ever happened to you. Regardless of the offence I strive for the best for all my clients.

You will be vigourously represented.

I have extensive experience fighting for my clients at all levels of the courts from the Ontario Court of Justice up to the Supreme Court of Canada including cases in the Federal Court of Canada.

I leave no stone unturned, am an original thinker and like to work closely with clients in pursuing their interests.

Because of my broad and lengthy experience I provide you with wise and sound advice.


Your best interests are at all times the paramount consideration

You will have my personal handling of all aspects of your case. Your case will not be delegated to a junior lawyer or a law student.

Your input will be expected and respected

Once I am retained you will have access to me on a 24 hour basis about urgent developments

Your file will be available at all times for your inspection

Your accounts with my office will be reasonable and fair

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