Administrative & Tribunal Proceedings

In matters where your status as the holder of a licence to carry on your occupation or profession may be threatened or jeopardized by a governmental authority, college or tribunal I will provide you with the best possible defence and outcome.

My work involves defending those who require a licence to engage in their occupation such as - brokers, salesmen, teachers, lawyers, accountants, architects, etc.

As a Toronto administrative lawyer I have been extensively engaged in defending members of the various branches of the health professions in protecting them from allegations made by patients or their governing College. This may involve dealings with a tribunal or college in matters of mediation, quality assurance, fitness to practice and formal disciplinary proceedings.

Because persons who require licensure live in a maze of ever increasingly complex regulations my advice is also sought with respect to compliance issues and such advice can often either prevent an attack by the regulators or provide a defence where my client is being pursued.

My track record as a tribunals lawyer in administrative hearings speaks for itself - See the recent case of: Donald T. Chong MD vs. College of Physicians and Surgeons a decision of the Divisional Court quashing the actions of the Quality Assurance Committee of College of Physicians and Surgeons, awarding Dr. Chong his legal costs and restoring him to his medical practice.

See my pending appeal where the concept of "disruptive physician syndrome" is being introduced ro Canadian law.

I know that if you are a professional or licenced person, an attack by your governing authority which jeopardizes your career and professional standing can be and usually is a terrifying and debilitating experience. I am a defender at heart and am equally at home and effective whether I am fighting a trial in a courtroom, conducting a hearing before a disciplinary tribunal or arguing your case on appeal in the Divisional Court, the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court of Canada.


Your best interests are at all times the paramount consideration

You will have my personal handling of all aspects of your case. Your case will not be delegated to a junior lawyer or a law student.

Your input will be expected and respected

Once I am retained you will have access to me on a 24 hour basis about urgent developments

Your file will be available at all times for your inspection

Your accounts with my office will be reasonable and fair

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